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padding elements 196
padding property, in CSS 196
page breaks 208
parameter entities 60
description 55
internal 61
order of 61
parent element 189
parentheses. See Symbols section
parsed character data. See #PCDATA
parsers, XML 13
pattern facet, in XML Schema 84
in XML Schema, defining element to
contain 84-85
in XPath 153-173
and choices in DTDs 47
and sequences 46
Peachpit Press’ Web site 18
percent. See Symbols section
period. See Symbols section
more information about 85
regular expression language 84-85
plus. See Symbols section
populating namespaces 123
position property, in CSS
for absolute positioning 193
for relative positioning 192
position() function, in XSLT 165
positioning elements with CSS 192-193, 203
positiveInteger type, in XML Schema 80
precision facet, in XML Schema 89
predefining content 110
predicates, in XSLT expressions 161
prefix, for namespaces
declaring 116
indicating namespace of components
with 127
indicating namespace with 117
printing, adjusting page breaks 208
processing instructions 24
processing-instruction element, in XSLT 184
property, definition 179
PUBLIC, in DTDs 40
for entities 60

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