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language abbreviations, list of 38
language code, declaring element to contain 76
language type, in XML Schema 76
last() function, in XSLT 165
with CSS 189-208
with HTML, generated with XSLT 140-141
left property, in CSS 192, 193
length facet, in XML Schema 88
length, limiting element content 88
less-than sign (<). See Symbols section
letter-spacing property, in CSS 219
line height, in CSS 215, 216
line-height property, in CSS 215
link element, in HTML 186
creating linkset 228
creating simple 226
CSS selectors for 181
defining connections 230
extended 228
in XML 225
in XML documents with CSS 178
reference points 229
to XPointer range 236
with walking XPointers 235
linksets 228
defining connections 230
using 232
list element, in XML Schema 90
list types, in XML Schema 90
lists, using custom bullets 206
lists of acceptable values, defining element to contain 83
literals, outputting with XSLT 140
locally declared
adding all to namespace 124
adding individual to namespace 125
and namespaces 113, 118, 122
and referencing 100
definition 71
need to reference 71
location, of schemas 130
locator, in XLink 229

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