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ID attributes 52
CSS selectors for 181
IDREF attributes 53
IDREFS attributes 53
if element, in XSLT 148
adjusting size 194
background, with CSS 201
for list bullets 206
generating tags with XSLT 151
in XML 225
embedding with DTDs 62-65
via HTML generated XSLT 151
with CSS 178
positioning vertically with CSS 203
stopping text wrap with CSS 199
wrapping text around, with CSS 198
img elements, in HTML 151
#IMPLIED, in attribute definitions in DTDs 50
import element, in XML Schema 132
importing components from other schemas 132
include element, in XML Schema 131
including components in schemas 131
indents, controlling with CSS 219
inheritance in CSS, definition 179
inline elements, definition 189
Instant SAXON 246
integer type, in XML Schema 80
integers, defining element to contain 80
internal DTD, declaring 36
internal general entities 56
using 57
internal parameter entities 61
Internet Explorer. See Microsoft Internet Explorer 5
ISO639, list of languages 76
italic formatting with CSS 212

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