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data-type attribute, in xsl:sort 150
date type, in XML Schema 76, 78
dates, declaring element to contain 78-79
decimal type, in XML Schema 76, 80
decimals, defining element to contain 80
declaration, XML 24
declarations in CSS, definition 179
default attribute, in XML Schema 91
default namespaces 115
default values
for attributes
in DTDs 50
with schemas 110
for elements, with schemas 91
digits, limiting in element content 89
display property, in CSS 190
div function, in XSLT expressions 168
!DOCTYPE element 36
document type declaration 36
document type definition. See DTDs
documentation element, in XML Schema 74
DOM 17
double precision 64-bit floating point numbers 80
double type, in XML Schema 80
downloading examples from book 18
DTDs 35-65
and globally declared elements 71
and namespaces 119
combining internal and external 39
creating 35-40
declaring internal 36
declaring personal external 39
declaring public external 40
defining 41-65
attributes 49-54
attributes with unique values 52
attributes, simple 50
elements 42-48
elements containing choices 47
elements with one child 45
elements with sequences 46
entities, in external files 58
ENTITY and ENTITIES attributes 64
how many units 48
IDREF attributes 53
internal general entities 56
shortcuts for text 56
shortcuts for text in external files 58
text only elements 44
description 14, 35
entities and notations 55-65
for XHTML 242
limitations 44
naming 38
shortcuts for writing 60
using shortcuts for text 57
validating XML with 244
vs. XML Schema 69
writing external 37

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