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accents, table of 249
actuate attribute, in XLink 227
Adobe Photoshop, finding RGB components of colors 252
elements vertically with CSS 203
text, with style sheets 220
all element, in XML Schema 97
ampersand. See Symbols section
and, in test expressions in XSLT 164
Andreesen, Marc 11
annotating schemas 74
annotation element, in XML Schema 74
anonymous types
complex 107
simple 82
ANY, in DTDs 42
anyType type, in XML Schema 103
apostrophe. See Symbols section
apply-templates element, in XSLT 145
and determining current node 154
arcs, in XLink 230
ASP 17
asterisk. See Symbols section
at. See Symbols section
!ATTLIST, in DTDs 50
attribute element
in XML Schema 108
in XSLT 141, 151
attribute groups, in schemas 111, 112
attributeFormDefault attribute, in XML Schema 124
attributeGroup element, in XML Schema 111
and external entities 28
and namespaces 118
defining in DTDs 49-54
default and fixed values 50
ENTITY and ENTITIES types 64
ID type 52
IDREF and IDREFS types 53
simple 50
to reference ID attributes 53
with unique values 52
with valid XML names 54
defining in schemas
and simple types 77
attribute groups 111, 112
built-in simple types 108
declaring 108
predefining content 110
requiring 109
generating with XSLT 151
in XML 22, 28
selecting a node’s, in XSLT 160
with valid XML names 54

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