Tiger: panthera tigris

Subspecies Region Number Left As Of
Balian: P.t. balica Bali Extinct 1937
Caspian: P.t. virgata Caspian Sea Extinct 1950
Javan: P.t. sondaica Java Extinct 1972
Amoy: P.t. amoyensis South China 20 (0.3%) 1999
Sumatran: P.t. sumatrae India, Bangladesh 400 (7.6%) 1999
Amur or Siberian: P.t. altaica Far East Russia 445 (8.4%) 1999
Indo-chinese: P.t. corbetti Indo-China 1227 (23.3%) 1998
Bengal: P.t. tigris India 3159 (60.1%) 1999
Total: 8 subspecies 5251

The mighty Tiger faces numerous threats, among them poachers, habitat destruction, and trade in tiger bones for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Black Rhino: diceros bicornis

Subspecies Region Number Left As Of
Northwestern Black Rhino: D.b. longipes Cameroon 10 (0.3%) 1999
Eastern Black Rhino: D.b. michaeli Kenya (Ethiopia and Rwanda) 485 (18.6%) 1999
Southwestern Black Rhino: D.b. bicornis Namibia 740 (28.4%) 1999
Southern Black Rhino: D.b. minor Zimbabwe and South Africa 1365 (52.4%) 1999
Total: 4 subspecies 2600

The mighty Black Rhino faces numerous threats, among them poaching to satisfy demand for rhino horn in traditional Asian medicines and as decorative dagger handles in Middle East, and habitat destruction.