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I've gotten many letters from readers who have been able to use my book to create their own Perl scripts to make their sites interactive. Many thanks to all of you who have gone to this trouble. These aren't listed in any particular order. If you'd like to be listed below, just fill out my form. (And if you'd rather not be listed here, let me know that, too.)

“The best twenty bucks I spent all year!”
By far your book is the best and easiest to understand. I looked at all the CGI scripting books on the market and there is no comparison. I've been using your book for my company's websites. So far, I created my own counter that doesn't keep counting when people go back to the homepage. I created a custom subscription form that emails back and also personally thanks the person who subscibes to our magazines. I also created an interactive Q&A page that immediately posts peoples' answers to the website while keeping them from writing explicit words (within reason; I can't think of every variation of no-no words).

Anyway, thank you for such a good book. It was the best twenty bucks I spent all year.

Are there any other books that will teach me more advanced scripting while keeping it easy to understand, like yours?

Again, thank you

Brian Foster

“I have recommended your book to everyone in my organization”
I've never tracked down the author of any type of book before to say thanks, but here goes... Thank you for your excellent book "Perl and CGI For the World Wide Web." Finally - FINALLY - I understand (and am using) Perl.

I have read several other books in an attempt to learn Perl, but they were either too technical for the beginning programmer with very little time to learn or too boring to even hold my interest. Your book is the polar opposite. It is the first Perl manual I've read that actually explains Perl line by line, in a language that even an old dog novice like myself can understand.

Instead of filling the pages with line after line of obscure Perl code without the slightest hint of explanation, your code has a purpose and you explain it all beautifully. You offered answers even before the questions came to mind. That is why your book was so effective.

I was writing simple cgi's even before finishing the book. This afternoon, I wrote a cgi that takes input from a lengthy form, prints a confirmation/thank you html page to let the user know that their input was received, sends the parsed and formatted form data via email to the receiving party, and generates an include file that automatically updates an online html log that everyone in the company can see and track. Two weeks ago I couldn't have possibly done this. Honestly, I wouldn't even have known where to start.

Again, I can't thank you enough. You have opened my eyes and made my job as an internet manager much, much easier. I have recommended your book to everyone in my organization.

I am your evangelist.


Tim Knox
Production Manager
Alabama Live Internet Publishers

PS: If you ever write a Quick Start guide on "C" please let me know. I'll be first in line to purchase it.

“The book works”
Students seem to like your CGI book. I read some of those reviews at amazon.com. I think they are written mostly by folks who already know CGI. As you know, everyone who already knows something about a computer thinks that their way of doing it or knowing it is THE way. My students knew nothing about CGI when they started, but now they are creating small web sites using much of the material from your book.

The way I use the book is I tell them to do chapter x,y,z for the next session. When they show up they have gone over your code and may or may not have some questions about it. Then I give then an assignment that forces them to use the concepts you lay out. It seems to work fine. In a way, then, you as author and I as instructor end up team teaching the course! The book works.

Al Futrell
Associate Professor, Department of Communication
University of Louisville, Louisville, KY - USA

“Thank you!”
First I want to thank you for writing such a great book! I have spent about a week going through it and it has really helped me a great deal. It is my first time writing CGI and Perl scripts and I enjoy the challange.

Gene Ray

“It looks like I am actually going to understand this stuff!”
I just purchased your book. PERL and CGI for the world wide web. So far I have read up to page 20. It looks like I am actually going to understand this stuff.

I am a web designer, and my partner is a AS400 programmer and we were interested in learning VB and pearl, we bought a book that must be at least 350 pages. YEAH! Like Ill look at that.

At this point I don't even know what the difference between an array and a sting ray. Or something like that. You know what I mean.

Thanks in advance for creating such an easy to use book.

Thomas F. Shea

“I was able to write a custom interface for online credit card processing in less than a week”
The most readable, most useable computer book I've ever read (and I've been reading 'em since the Apple II). I'm a non-programmer but I was able to write a custom interface for online credit card processing in less than a week. And it's working perfectly. Thanks again for a great book. You're my new hero.

Frank Laughlin

“Extremely clear”
I recently purchased your book and while I am only on p. 68, I am finding it extremely clear and understandable. Enough so, that I can then progress into more complicated Perl books which is my goal.

Theresa Wilson

“An awesome book”
First of all, thank you very much for taking the time to write "Perl and CGI for the World Wide Web". It's an awesome book and you've taught me more in this one book than other things that have taken a lifetime!

Brian Gunn

“Perl is not difficult after reading your book”
I just received your book today in an order I got from 'amazon.com'. I've already devoured the first five chapters. And it has already given me a tremendous amount of insight into .cgi scripts.

[In a later note, he added:] I've been able to do some nice customizing of some of the PERL scripts on my site thanks to the insights I've received from your book. I actually feel that PERL is not difficult after reading your book.

Fred Atkinson

“A great way to start programming”
I bought your quickstart guide on perl and cgi. It was a great way for me to start programming for form data manipulation, thank you!

Sebastien Le Tuan
Kreatix Multimedia

“A great job”
I bought your book "Perl and CGI for WWW" recently. I'd like to let you know that you did a great job on writing such a nice book! The format of your book makes me feel that you can be an excellent instructor. You are just doing an impressive fine job! Please write more books. If possible, please write somethng on Web dynamic / active information processing using Java Applet. Please let me know whenever you have new books. Thanks!

Shifeng Steve Li
AMD, Austin

“I wish I had started with yours”
I liked your book very much! I had been struggling with the "llama" book for a few weeks before I read your book. I wish I had started with yours. Perl/CGI is a difficult to concept to wrap your head around, and you did an admirable job of explaining it.

Richard Wolfe

“It gets to the point”
Thank you so much for such a great CGI/Perl book! I studied many books that would help give me a start at places such as Borders, Barnes and Noble, and B. Dalton. No other book looked like it was worth the money over your book! It was exactly what I needed. Something that taught me Perl as it relates to the web. I had looked at the O'Reily books, but the language in there was rather unprofessional in my view. Referring to one aspect of Perl as a 'thingy'. I enjoy your book very much. It gets to the point and covers a whole lot without much technical jargon. Thanks again. I hope you will do another book with more advanced features when I become well learned in Perl thanks to your book.

Mike Morgan

“Just what I needed”
I just picked up and read your "Perl and CGI" book today and it was just what I needed. As a staunch user of your HTML book, I was pleased to see your Perl/CGI book on the shelf. Your visual approach to instruction really makes it easy to pick up new languages and topics. I hope the book does very well for you and I look forward to your next book.

Russ Story

“It's HONESTLY helpful”
Your "Perl and CGI" book is wonderful and easy to read. I cant say enough good things about your book. Its HONESTLY helpful.

Jeff Miller

“I actually learned from reading, went to my PC, and commenced Perl immediately!”
I figured that if enough books were written there would be one that finally worked, and I think this is it as far as a striving webmaster would be concerned. Most other books, as we all know, are written for someone in a different room. Sure, they all tell the truth about Perl & CGI, but who has all year to figure it out? This book is a time saver. I actually learned from reading, went to my PC, and commenced Perl immediately!

Loren Schooley
Flashnet Communications

“Everything is well-explained”
I found the subparseform.lib! Great book! Easy to read ... concise and everything is well-explained.

C Vincent

“I'm on a fly with Perl!”
I knew nothing about perl before I read this book. I didn't even know anything about permissions. Now, about 4 months after I bought the book, I am making scripts that email, record data, and more. I even made my own counter! I am 13 years old and this has to be the best book. I'm on a fly with perl! My cgi-bin directory is full!!!!!!

Brent Schneider
13 year old Web Designer

“This is the other book you should have”
This is the other book you should have... To the right of me is a typical programmer's bookcase, full of O'Reilly books, that serves as my definitive reference library on the subject. But over and over, I find that the quickstart guides have the quick solutions to the everyday practical programming issues. Your book is no exception; any one of the plentiful hints and techniques within could be worth the $20 (or more) at the right time and place. Highly recommended.

Adam Smith
Lead Programmer, Squid Country Safari

“I constantly refer to it”
Very useful as well for an intermediate user who wants quick reference. I constantly refer to it, and it really helped consolidate my understanding of Perl. Useful at any level.

Peter Sergeant

“Leaves out useless talk that confuses people”
It's a great value for what it provides. It has everything you would want to know, but it leaves out useless talk that confuses people. I got the book & loaned it to my geek friends. We learned something from it. Since then, I have bought a 50.00 book, thinking it would have everything, and it's not helpful. Computer books for $20 are hard to find.

Chris Edmstion

“In just a couple of weeks, I have several working programs”
Finally an understandable, usable book on PERL and CGI! I had just about given up on writing my own scripts from scratch, but your book has re-motivated me and in just a couple of weeks, I have several working programs. Also, I now understand many of the public domain scripts that I've been blindly using all along. Thanks again for the most useful CGI book on the market!

Matt O'Neal
4Frogs Web Design

“Excellent resource”
An excellent resource for beginners. Covers all the important stuff to get you started including sending e-mail! Great book. I got a lot of use out of it.
Great investment for us beginners...


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