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what you'll create

how this book works

the web site

useful tools

the next step

1. creating the inner pages

what we'll do

create a folder

open a new html file

save as html

start the web page

create the head

write a title

create the body

create the style sheet

link the style sheet

color the background

add a section header

choose fonts

change text color

write a paragraph

adjust spacing

create a web image

crop an image

adjust levels

resize an image

format photos as jpeg

organize the photos

add photos to page

label a photo

add a subheader

use special characters

add more text

change font size

float images to one side

pad the images

reuse styles

draw a border

classify paragraphs

apply italics to a class

add line breaks

add local formatting

add structure

pad a division

clear floats

add another postcard

float images to right

mimic shadow

finish inner page

extra bits

2. creating the home page

what we'll do

create a new html file

start the home page

structure the page

link existing style sheet

create new style sheet

link to new styles

create a background

colorize background

save the background

add background image

begin the header logo

make logo transparent

save logo as gif

add header logo

add text

increase font size

create a link

style the links

create little images

create an images folder

make image links

adjust link borders

keep images together

add the copyright

make copyright smaller

add styles in html

create a navigation bar

begin navigation bar

position navigation bar

move main div over

add links to nav-bar

align links to right

reduce size of links

italicize main content

extra bits

3. publishing your web site

get a web host

get a web domain

set up the ftp program

transfer files to server

test pages online

fix and retest

get indexed

extra bits

appendix a. html reference

appendix b. css reference

appendix c. colors

appendix d. symbols