Creating Web Pages with HTML - Visual QuickProject Guide (cover)

I'm thrilled that the first reviews I've seen of my brand new "Creating Web Pages with HTML - Visual QuickProject Guide" are so positive:

“Elizabeth Castro’s new book teaches beginners web design basics the right way.” says web guru and standards advocate Jeffrey Zeldman, author of the bestselling and excellent Designing with Web Standards.

And Web Teacher Virginia deBolt, author of the upcoming Integrated HTML and CSS says “If the books [in the new QuickProject series] are all this good, Peachpit Press has another hit series going.”

Marc Garret, who publishes web-related book reviews and interviews on his blog, since1968, says “It's an uncommon treat when everything comes together as it does in Creating a Web Page with HTML. Clear writing. Useful appendices. No typos. And color on every single page for only $12.99. Bravo! Why can't more computer books be this professional?

New! Matthew Vanden Boogart, in Digital Web Magazine, writes "As an educator, I'm always interested to see what books are being published to get people started in Web design. With Creating a Web Page with HTML, Elizabeth Castro has put together a simple guide to getting started with publishing a site. With an easy-to-follow descriptive style, this guide is a great starting point for anyone interested in getting involved with Web publishing." And I'm also proud to report that he loves the interior design and calls it "an organizational dream". Thanks!

You can also find reviews on Amazon.

If you see any more reviews, I'd love to hear about them!