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Creating Web Pages with HTML - Visual QuickProject Guide (cover)

I'm happy to announce that Peachpit Press has just published my new book "Creating Web Pages with HTML: Visual QuickProject Guide". It was inspired by a friend of mine. She wanted to create a web site for her small home business and asked if I would help her. I proudly brought over my big HTML book and we sat down and then as I leafed through the first few pages I realized she didn't need half of what was there. Now this friend of mine is no dummy but she just doesn't care much about HTML. She only wants to create and control one basic web site for her small business.

So, this new book is designed for her. It's got all of the basics and none of the theory, none of the what if's. It leads her through the process of creating a beautiful, but simply constructed web site--following all the current standards--but it doesn't explain every last detail. It won't overwhelm her. And yet, she'll be able to use it to get her site created. Which is what she wants.