Page 36

In Figure 1.30, the printers left off the red final slash from the example. The last line should read: lewisii)" width="300" height="175" />

Page 182

I just found a small but tricky mistake on page 182 in the very last paragraph on the page. It says "use values of top, center, or bottom for x and left, center, or right for y."

In fact, the values should be switched since x is the horizontal value and y the vertical one: "use values of left, center, or right for x and top, center, or bottom for y."

Note also that the order is important. While it is perfectly fine, and for some reason more common, to see a pair of values like "top left", when you use absolute values (10px 25px) or percentages, the horizontal value must go first.

A few other details: You can mix absolute and percentage values with each other but not with keyword values. That is, (10px 25%) is ok, but (10px bottom) is not. If you specify only one value, it will be the horizontal value, in which case the vertical value will be set at 50%.

Inside Back Cover

On the bottom of the inside page of the inside back cover, it explains a bit about hexadecimal colors. Unfortunately, it erroneously states that the second and third pairs of a hexadecimal color represent blue and green, respectively. Of course, it is the opposite: the second pair is the green component and the third pair is the blue component. (The first pair is the red component.) That'll teach me to work at 3 in the morning. So sorry!

Colors are properly explained on page 46.