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Hundreds of thousands of readers have used HTML 4 for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide, in its various editions to create their Web pages. They range from surfing in Jersey in the Channel Islands to news of Paris, to houseboats on wheels and everything in between. I used to try to list every site that was submitted, but continue to get overwhelmed with entries.

So, I've decided to pick just a few sites as often as I can get to it. They are the sites that make me smile and that make me appreciate the Web. If you'd like to submit your page, use my form.

Today, I'd like to offer these three sites:

Dimond Neighborhood web site

by Timothy Chapman

Community web site for the Dimond neighborhood in Oakland, California


by Denns A. Mahoney

Deliciously insinuating story site. Peculiar tales and strange characters. Addictive, eerie, funny and always bewildering. Darkfruit. It was not collected.

Tinisima Design

by Tina Paredes

Photography, illustration and design by Tina Paredes

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