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There are many reviews of HTML for the World Wide Web online. Here is a sampling.

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Amazon readers. This has got to be the nicest collection of reviews! I am so proud--really.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, June 5, 1998 by Mitch Gitman.

BookBytes in MyMac, by John Nemerovski

Ed's Internet Book Review, April 5, 1998. (Home page)

Yves Barbero

Mobius Consulting Bookstore

The Publishing on the Web Bookstore

Original Vision

TidBITS (short but very sweet, at the bottom of the page)

Desktop Connections (Brookdale College Computer Users Group)

Wordsworth Books

El Paso Macintosh User Group

Readme.doc Discount Computer Books

Mary Lynn's Cyber Antiques

Helion (Poland)

Australian Online Bookshop (note that the price is in Australian dollars)

The Faithful Reader


Reviews of the 1st edition

The Goleta Publisher (July, 1996--a bit dated, but very descriptive)

Revue (Charlie Levenson)

Netscape Developer

Computer Book Review

The Speaking Tree Magazine

Fiesta Web Hosting Service


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