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Lots of people mention using my book to create their home page on the home page itself. Many thanks to all of you who have gone to this trouble. These aren't listed in any particular order. If you'd like to be listed below, just drop me a line. (And if you'd rather not be listed here, let me know that, too.)

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Govert Jan Repelaer van Driel


Dept. of Communication at Suny Geneseo

Squiggle Shack

Carol Miller at Northeastern University

Hart Consulting (it's way down on the page, but it's the only HTML book they list and recommend)

Dave Sacher

Steve from the Aina Haina School in East Oahu, Hawaii

The Texas Regional Collaboratives For Excellence In Science Teaching

Barry G. Adams

Debbie Naeser

Outback Travel

Pacific Puzzle Company

Wauer-Ferus (way down at the bottom of the page--Thanks!)

The Weaver's Hand (OK, I have to admit this is written by a friend of mine, but I didn't even know she had reviewed the book...Thanks Janis!)

B Peskin

New Mexico Librarian's Association



Indiana Brian

Albuquerque Web Women

Teaching Teachers to Teach with Technology workshop page (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (part of the US government)

Listed as one of three Highly Recommended books for Web publishing in UK Libraries

Northwest Florida Business Directory

Shirley Walker-Combs


Baltimore County Public Library

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