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This section is under construction...Many of you have written me letters and comments but I'm asking everyone first if it's all right to publish these messages. If you'd like to comment on my books, please write me. If you'd like me to take your comment off the page, change your signature, remove your e-mail address, add your e-mail address, or whatever, just let me know.

Many thanks to all those whose e-mails appear here, and to the many more who've written but are not yet included here. Formatting and sorting the mail is a monumental task (and gives me a swelled head...) but I'll be working on this page periodically, especially when my spirits are low. If you are very anxious to see your comments here, send me mail to remind me.

David Adams
Thank you for writing HTML for the WWW VQG (1996). My wife and I really like the style you write with. We searched for other books but bought your book finally because it had everything we needed and explained things quickly and easily.
I look forward to buying a new version of your book that will include examples of everything in HTML 4, including style sheets and such.


Dave Allen
Well, just let me tell you how much I enjoyed your little book, 2nd edition.

A rank newcomer to HTML, I found it both comprehensible and -- rare for computer books -- an enjoyable read. It is well organized, clear, concise. The layouts and sample frames are very useful, if a tad too small.

I will be doing a web site for a 250+ member association of baseball umpires in Northern Virginia, and although I've surfed the net for almost four years, have never had occasion to write any HTML.

I had tried MS Front Page, but realized that I did not understand the underlying code, thus could not get precisely what I want. I spent an obscene amount of money on a high performance system with a gorgeous 21" monitor at 1240x1024, only to find that my snappy creations were not very readable on the average browser. So I decided to jump in where the rubber meets the road with a text editor. (I had the same experience when I was limited by Basic ten years ago, and jumped into machine language.) So far, so good; but I have a nasty tendency to overreach, and now find myself putting tables in frames and nesting tables -- ouch, brain pain. And, of course, I expect to master CGI scripting in a few hours also.

What the book really did for me was to make the source code of good pages understandable, thanks to a pretty decent index.

Bravo for eschewing the pc gender-scrubbing, and for reducing the use of the second person. I know that some training expert said it made people more comfortable to use the hand-holding "you" and "your", but frankly I am sick of it.

Nice job.


Dave Allen
Falls Church, VA

David Allen
I have both the volumes you have written with the above title, and as a novice I have found them to be extremely informative and useful, being retired and undertaking some web page authoring for my Parish Council.

David Allen
Everything comes to he who has money.

Belén Alonso
I am a big fan of your Peachpit guide on HTML. I found it very easy to follow and a great help to build my web site. I've recommended it to two of my brothers but they don't speak English. I wonder if you have a Spanish version for it. I've seen all the examples related to las Ramblas, Gaudi's houses, an Visca el Barca and I figured that maybe you speak Spanish. (I am from Galicia) Please let me know. Thanks, and congratulations for the guide. It's really good. [no, no Spanish edition yet, but I'm hoping--Liz]

James Area
I'd like to thank you for putting out such a great reference book (HTML for the World Wide Web: 2ed). I'm only 17 years old, but am deeply fascinated by the web, HTML, and computers in general. Me and my friends have been computer junkies since the Commodore 64's and I can't wait till I get the chance to pursue a career in computer technology when I get into college next year. I have a question though... exactly what should I pursue as a career if I'm intrested in the web OR software engineering. I love computer games (i.e. Quake 1 and 2) and would love to do something like that, but also LOVE the Internet. Any advice etc... would be helpful.....

Thanks alot!!!! wildfirez98@yahoo.com :)

True to its form, your book above was instrumental in giving me that much needed "quickstart". Thanks!

Brian Atwood
I bought your book and wanted to tell you that I liked it very much. I chose it over other books because of it's simplicity. The others I looked at seemed to be so much larger mainly because they spend so much time going into too much detail or off on tangents that end up confusing the mainstream users. Your's was simple, straight to the point and made learing HTML very easy. Now all my friends want me to do their web pages.


Patrick Bartek
First item on the list: Buy this book -- HTML FOR THE WORLD WIDE WEB, 2nd Edition by Elizabeth Castro. Absolutely, the best introductory text on HTML.

Patrick Bartek
NoLife Polymath Group

Vern Beaumont
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and working with your book "HTML for the WWW 2nd Ed." Designing and scripting for your own web site is fun and made all the more easy by the clear and uncomplicated style of your book. In the 3 weeks since we signed up for Internet Access I've been able to set up my own web site and fill it with all sorts.

Many thanks
Best wishes

Vern Beaumont

Darren Belanger
I just bought your book; HTML FOR THE WORLD WIDE WEB, 2nd Ed.

It's great: informative, well laid out, great examples, and it didn't cost me half my paycheck.


Darren Belanger
Grapevine, TX

Harry Birchard
I can't compliment you enough for your lucid explanation of the basic HTML concepts. I had just decided to market some stories through my server and found that I was driving blind. As it turned out, my wife and I were heading to Nassau for a week so I took your book with me. Read it twice, took notes and came home a reasonably competent programmer. I've a long way to go but your jump start was invaluable.

Thank You;

Harry Birchard, CPA(Rtd)

Harry Blair
As the student I must also reply. Your book is great. As a pilot and graphic artist who "goes by the book," I always appreciate a good manual. If you are dealing with computers and have read the manual you are always an expert. Your manual is making me an "expert," and I have underlined every page with my red pen.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge.

Harry Blair
E&H Graphics
Fort Myers, FL

Laurence Blume
please go look at the homepage linked below. I bought your first Visual Quickstart book, knowing nothing, about a year ago and taught myself html from it. A few weeks back I bought the second edition. Myself, my wife and my kids get so much fun from our homepage and the mail it generates, and i just wanted to thank you for the teaching!

Laurence Blume

Frank Bugeja
I have just purchased your excellent book **HTML for the World Wide Web** Second Edition here in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. I found the book excellent value both in terms of price (being purchased at 25 Australian dollars or about 16 dollars US) and content. I was not really impressed with books on HTML selling at up to 3 times the price of your book.

Frank Bugeja

Mount Carmel High School
New South Wales
Email: fbugeja@mania.com.au

Dave Calvert
Thing one - Thanks for the HTML book. Just what I needed to cut through the code and do what I wanted.

Thanks again.
Dave Calvert
Kingsport, TN.

Awesome book, really informative.


Michael G. Cottrell
Today I purchased HTML for the World Wide Web by Elizabeth Castro. After looking over countless number of choices at my local Barnes & Noble store, I selected this version because of the ease of instruction and the numerous graphics. The fact that it was considerably less expensive than other books on the same topic did have a bearing.

Just wanted to send a note thanking you for this publication.

Michael G. Cottrell
Computer Application Training

Gaile Dale
Congratulations! You have achieved what so many purport to achieve. With no instruction in HTML, simply by using your text book we, as students, have been able to create web pages that meet the demands of our Client/Server WWW assignment.

As a final semester, (mature) computer programming student, I have used many text books, including several "for Dummies" or "Teach yourself in 21 days" books. None of these texts truly enabled me to achieve what I wanted to achieve without assistance from others. With your book "HTML for the World Wide Web" everything is self explanatory and easily replicated. This book is truly exceptional.

Please send me information regarding any other instructional books you have written or are planning to write.

Yours sincerely,
Gaile Dale

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM! And thanks for responding so quickly too. Most people wouldn't have even responded or at least not for a long time. I waited two weeks for MY OWN SERVER to respond. Its nice to know that there are still people who still have a minute to do someone a favor.

I also want to say a love your book. I am just starting to learn HTML and your book explained it very well. I also think the use of pictures is a great idea.

Thanks again,

Melissa Davis
I love your book "HTML for the World Wide Web." It is my HTML bible.

Melissa Davis

P.S. Me encanta Barcelona tambien!!

Jeff Dofing
Yesterday, I bought HTML for the WWW, 2nd edition. It's the best computer book I have ever used. I sat in Barns & Noble for some time comparing a dozen or so such books. The format you use, with bite-size lessons and red-letter screen shots near the binding, makes HTML easy and exciting to learn. Thanks, and keep 'em coming.

--Jeff Dofing
Ocala, FL

Emiel Efdee
Today I bought the Dutch edition of your book 'HTML for the World Wide Web'. It's the first book about HTML I thought was worth buying (also because you used a mac). I learnt everything I know about HTML from the net, never read a book about it. Untill I found your book...

I will be doing some workshops with graphic design students later this year and I think I will tell them to buy and read your book first.

Emiel Efdee
the Netherlands, May 31, 1996
... efdee@luna.nl

Eric Elfman
Your book was _so much_ better than 98% of the other HTML books I looked through (and I looked through _a lot_)--not only in terms of content, organization, clarity, etc, but also in terms of making it seem possible, even _fun_, to code a page!


P.S. I hope your book is selling like hot cakes!

Artie Evans
Hi, I'm new at html, and needed a good, quick, informative book... easy to read, good examples, and affordable!

I compared your book to about 3-4 others... and, I bought yours!

After reading your book for a day or so, I noticed something else...

MOST of the examples in your book were done on a Macintosh, if Im correct?

NO wonder I like that book! :-D

Really though, the way the info was laid out made it easy to understand and find what I wanted! It made me WANT to read that book!

Thanks for making html easy to understand for a "non" programmer!

   |[_]|    Artie Evans
   |  _|    artie@clark.net
   |___|    Macintosh Fanatic!

Brian Fahlgren
I read your book about HTML called HTML for the world wide web, it was great and a big help!

Dave Fitzgerald
HTML for the World Wide Web has been a great help in developing my first Home Page for family aand friends.

Dave Fitzgerald (dfitzge960@aol.com)

Andy French
My apologies for not getting back to you on suggested corrections. In fact, what I thought were errors were instead correct! I must say you have put together an excellent and succinct guide.
Regards, Andy French

Greetings From Oklahoma!

I want to thank you for your book: HTML for the WWW - 2nd. Edition. I am proud of what I have learned that has enabled me to make a homepage.I am striving to understand this strange language. I enjoy creative learning. *smile*

Thanks again,

John Gilson
Just a note to say I recently received your 2nd edition book. It is extremely well written and easy to understand. Thank you.

John Gilson

Don Green
I just started your book and I am very pleased with the way you presented the subject, thanks for writing a really user friendly book.

Regards, Don .......

Joel Hatton
I was compelled to send this message after recently purchasing your books on HTML and Netscape 2. You have rewritten the rulebook for aspiring how-to authors! How refreshing to find books that are easy to follow, specific to the mac and have a screen shot for each step. I'm going to have to go out and buy the Netscape 3 edition now! I love your cat page on the web site - you just had to be a cat lover (aren't all clever people?).

Joel Hatton

Jon Hein
I love your HTML/Net VQS books. Thanks for the great work.


Jon Hein (jmhein@pcmaccentral.com)
PC & Mac Central
Melville, NY

Bob Hill
I really like your book, it was very easy to use.

Bob hill

I began my study of HTML during Memorial Day weekend. Ms. Castro's book was recommended to me by a saleswoman at Barnes & Noble in Paramus NJ. I think the book is a masterpiece. In 6 short weeks, I have studied the book almost cover to cover. It is excellent and has become my HTML Bible. I am on my 3rd HTML book now and use yours the most. I love the design and clarity. Please thank Ms. Castro for such an awesome piece of work.


H.J. Jongsma
My compliments for the fine stuff you brought out in the bookshop and on the net.

I will use it partially in exercises connected with an Internetting course I present to the students of our institute. I'm sure they will enjoy it as much as I do.

Kind regards, Harm Jongsma -- H.J. Jongsma e-mail: jongsma@acm.org 2288 GK Rijswijk Netherlands

James Keene
Your book is excellent.

James Keene

Christy Keller
Also "HTML for the World Wide Web" by Elizabeth Castro, the latest version. ISBN 0-201-68862-X for the second edition.

Very well written, and very easy to follow and understand. I use it all the time.


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Jim Kerns
I think your book is excellent as a self study guide and a reference. Keep up the good work

Jim Kerns

Dawn Abou Khalil
Your book, "HTML for the WWW v.2" has been a fantastic resource for me as a beginning web designer. Almost everything I've needed to know, I've found in your book without all the extra BS and personal excerpts you find in other books.


Carolyn King
I like your book HTML for the Worldwide Web 2nd edition so much that i have two books, one for home and one for the office.

Holly Knott
I just wanted to thank you for compiling such a great book on HTML. Friday night I literally searched through what must have been 100 books on the subject and yours was the ONLY one I found worth purchasing. I wanted something comprehensive with good visual examples. So many of the others look like textbooks describing C++, and others have many glitzy photos of sample webpages with very little examples of source.

Also, the price of $17.95 was refreshing since most seemed to run from $25-50 !

Thanks again, and good luck with it...

Holly Knott

Al Koffman
Your book has really been great to use, really been a help to learn html

Jane Lambert
Your book is awesome!! I messed around in HTML a couple years ago, back when it was still 2.0 and I suddenly got a project at work that needed tables, forms and all kinds of fun things. All my books were too outdated so I ran over to the bookstore and I found your book.

It is GREAT! I love all the visuals in it, I am a very visual person and it is nice to see examples of what I should expect. Your explanations are clear and concise, and right to the point. It is like I sat down and said, "This is how I would like to be able to learn and reference HTML" and then you made the book to order.

Ok, so I am hyper, but you saved my day. I was dying going through texts that were far to simplistic or so complicated that I got a headache, and it is sooo cool to see a woman author for a change as well. I happen to think woman make far better technical writers then men, but then I guess I am prejudice being a woman and a technical writer. :)

Thanks again and please write more! I will buy them!

-Jane Lambert

Jane Lambert
NetCount, LLC
Quality Assurance Software Engineer


Ben Law
Hi, I just bought the HTML book that you wrote. It is so easy to understand and I am already starting to create my home page.

Carole Lazar
This is a fan letter. I bought your book at Overwaitea Food Store in May. Since then I have astonished my friends and acquaintances with the novel things I have tried with respect to designing a web site. You make it so EASY! When we bought the computer at the end of February my greatest concern was that I had never held a mouse. You have made it so much fun. My husband says we have created a monster but then I set up this page for his stock portfolio management so now he thinks I am a hero.

There are so many people around who can do things themselves but inevitably leave out a vital step when they are trying to give instructions to others. You aren't one of those people. I may have to buy another copy of your book. The one I have is so dog eared.

Consider this a BIG thank you!

Carole Lazar

Andrew Levine
I recently purchased your "HTML For the World Wide Web 2nd Edition." I have found the book very easy to use and referance.

Andrew A. Levine

Carrie Lewis
I bought your book called "HTML for the World Wide Web". Since I will be taking classes on the Internet when college starts back up, I thought this book would help very much. So from using your book I am also learning to make my sites look a bit better.
Just wanted to say...nice work. Thank you for writing something that a "1/2 computer geek can understand! - Carrie

Kathy Lloyd
I think your HTML Visual Quickstart Guide is fabulous. The best teaching manual I have ever used. Thank you very much for writing it.


Laurent Martres
Your HTML book is a marvel of clarity and efficiency. Even though, I am using Claris Home Page, I find all the examples enormously effective to tweak the code and do what I want. I can locate the subjects I want very quickly through the index and get the gist through the one or two page approach you have adopted. You've written a great great book.

I wanted to let you know that about a week ago when I first got the book I was able to log onto the Peachpit site and see the examples. However, when I tried that yesterday I got a server error. Did Pitchpit decide to stop making the examples available online?

Best Regards

Laurent Martres
Alsyd Corp.
Montclair, CA 91763, USA
email: lmartres@us.alsyd.com

John Dylan McNeil
I have been burning the midnight oil to find a good book for teaching my "Creating Web Pages" class at a small community college (Sauk Valley Community College in Dixon Illinois). After perusing the abundance of literature "out there," I have decided to use your book. One of the great selling features of your book is that it is explained simply, without too much jargon that often scares "newbies." Also, the fact that you include your website with examples and such allows me to offer my students a hands-on multimedia environment that is bound to make my class more interesting as well as instructive.

As an instructor of English (and Internet, obviously--in this electronic age, we have to be flexible), and having read many textbooks of many shapes and sizes, I am very pleased with the organization of the book. I wish you the most success. I will be ordering your books (12 of them--that is all the students this class can handle at a time) through a local bookstore. Again, Kudos!

I will make one suggestion, however: a directory of HTML tags with what they do (instead of the hex chart, or along side it). This way, if someone forgets what tag does what, they don't have to thumb through the book. [I took this great advice: both the second and current editions include a full HTML table --Liz]

Also, I wish to relate that even in this time of hypertext, some folks still need good old books to curl up to to learn something. That is why your book still needs to exist in a non-html format as well as an HTML format. I was told by my superiors that, if I wanted to teach this course, I must give the students something to walk away from the class with. I am happy to give them your book.

Now I must practice what I preach by giving up my lame "Internet Assistant" editor to develop some REAL web pages using the advice and expertise that comes from your book. :)

"Ghwlinnny, hynnglawha YAHOO!"
trans. "Goodbye, wonderful Yahoo!"
--Jonathan Swift's _Gulliver's Travels_ Book IV "A Voyage Among the Houynyms"

Jim Morrison
I started fumbling with HTML about a week ago using a shareware HTML editor. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the knowlege I got out of your book in about an hour. It was surprisingly thorough, and one of the best computer related investments I have ever made. It has earned a well deserved place next to my computer.

Thank You,
Jim Morrison

Jim Murray
I'd like to thank you for writing such great books on HTML. I own both editions of your book "HTML for the World Wide Web" and use them all the time for reference. In the beginning, when I did not know much about HTML at all, your books made more sense than any other HTML related publications I reviewed. I especially like your format, you provide both a view HTML code and what the page will look like in a browser.

Since I first started "surfing" the web, I've authored three web pages, one of which is my own personal page. The other two are commerical pages that I've been paid to design. The thried I'm still working on, but it should be complete by the end of January.

Thanks again for such logical and helpful books. I hope you are planning on writing more!!

Jim Murray


Jim Murray
Schenectady, New York
e-mail address: murray@albany.net


Gordon L. Nelson
Your book HTML for the World Wide Web 2nd Edition has been a great help for an old man trying to get Web Pages put together. Good job !

Gordon L. Nelson
Beaufort, SC

Joel Oberstone
Your book is pure magic! Anyone can write a book on a technical subject covering the important features, however, to do it with such simplicity, clarity, and imagination is worthy of my admiration. Thank you so much for making HTML tagging such a piece of cake. I am now "armed and dangerous!" I am completely confident that I can build a really cool Web site (when will this term become Website??).

Best regards to a talented person,


John T. Phan
I purchased Peachpit Press' Visual QuickStart Guide "HTML for the World Wide Web, 2nd Edition." I would like to congratulate you on an excellent job. I have never bought any kind of how to manual on learning computer "stuff" for the simple reason that they are "ALL" written in an alien language that I simply cannot understand (and I'm an English Writing major); ALL except your book. I find your book very easy to read and understand and very much enjoyed it. Everyone loves my webpage.


John T. Phan

Just bought a copy of your book. What a God send! It answers every question I've had about all those tag attributes that seemed so incomrehensible before. My only complaint is I didn't have it a year ago when I first started writing HMTL.


John Pitts
There are now two of your books close at hand near my computer. Thanks. I started with your book on Netscape and it is now in a state of needed repair. Recently I purchased your book on HTML and it has already proved itself as being worth the purchase. The color chart is greatly appreciated. Removing the mystery of determining the hexidecimal value of a color (pg.239) has been sorely needed at this address.

And, even though the 'automatic slide show' was an off-the-wall item that maybe was added last-minute, it was the very thing I needed for my index page...Thanks. (Could these little off-the-wall tips and tricks be the subject of another book...?)

I have another book on HTML written by a different author. Even though it got me up and running with my first bare-bones 'web page', your book made clear their garbled, cryptic, insufficient instructions or information on certain tags that I wanted to use but... .

You get the picture..... Thanks again for writing an easy to read and use books, and my thanks to Peachpit Press for publishing it and for realizing that my computer was my major investment, the add-to books should not be another.

John Pitts

Jorge Rapadas
I really like your book especially the parts where you relate actual html codes (in red) and when browsed.

And when I discovered www.peachpit.com and you had your html source code, I said: now I really like this girl, her book and her creative ability and concern for someone like me learning, taking baby steps. In fact for my project in school, I will be modelling the way you present your ideas.

I cannot thank you more.


Karen Reichstein

I work in a technical bookstore. I've noticed that both men and women, when faced with an entire wall of web publishing books, often leave with a copy of "HTML for the WWW 2ed" because it's a hands-on HTML book that stands out with its elegance, simplicity, groovy hexadecimal color chart and hey! It's only $17.95.

Yes, I'm a fan. I love that book. It's the only HTML book I've been able to pick up, flip through the pages, and use it to start working right away. Thanks for writing it.

Karen Reichstein

[in all fairness, I have to admit this was a note in response to a question on a mailing list about the buying tastes of men and women in technical bookstores. --Liz]

Barry Rudolph
I love your book as it has helped me a lot.

Barry Rudolph

Bob Ryan
Just a note to say how useful your book has been to me, worth every penny of the #14.95 selling price here in the UK.

Thank you,
Bob Ryan.

Dave Sacher
Just a short note to tell you how much I value your new 2nd Edition of HTML for the World Wide Web - it's wonderful! As far as I'm concerned, it's worth its weight in gold...

I had become very frustrated recently - I was trying to put together a small personal web site (http://www.sni.net/~sacherd) using BBEdit Light and the L. DAvies HTML Extensions, and was running into no end of grief and misunderstanding about the BASE URL tag. Davies seems to imply that it is damn near mandatory when using relative addressing --- and no matter what I tried, I just couldn't get it right. And, to make things worse, I had loaned all of my HTML books to a friend!

So, in desperation, I ran to my local Barnes & Noble bookstore, and perused their shelves of HTML and WWW books - agonizing over which reference tome to buy. Originally, I figured to purchase "HTML for Dummies," since I have enjoyed several of the titles in that series. But after thumbing through it, I realized that it just wasn't up to the task at hand.

Fortunately, I came upon your book! I have been using several other Visual Quickstart Guides (Freehand 7, and Eudora) - so I knew that the layout and the format would make it easy to find the information I needed - quickly and easily.

Well, you didn't let me down! I have been bouncing back and forth in the book for the past several days, getting new ideas, and learning the whys and wherefors of HTML, with each turn of the page. Your book is so good, I might not even need to ask for my other books back...!

Dave Sacher in Colorado

Guillermo Salazar
Just a note to say thanks for your clear presentation in two books: HTML and Netscape Communicator 4. I'm reading every page, even of the stuff that I'm somewhat familiar with, so as not to miss a thing. A little tip here and there makes one's day.


Guillermo S.

Diana Schiefelbein
I bought your book, HTML For The World Wide Web, and I am delighted. I'd been trying on and off to learn HTML, and I swear, I've picked up more in the last six days than I had in the last six months using other textbooks!

Finding your book was sheer luck. I'd been to three libraries looking for a book on HTML, and when I couldn't find one, I stomped into a Borders and bought the first one I saw--fully intending to *return* it in a few days! (Yeah, I know; Machiavellian to the max.) I just wanted to look something up, and I'd never found an HTML book worth keeping--boy, was I surprised! Everything I need is in here--and you have made it easy for me to learn it; *all* of it if I want to. Thank you so much!

Diana Schiefelbein

José L. Torres-Reyes
Without a slightest doubt, and without just trying to flatter you, this is the greatest HTML book I've ever read, and I've quite a library full. Among other software I also teach HTML for the Air Force at Brooks AFB in San Antonio, TX. I recently let the other instructors review your book, and a couple of them are also buying it this weekend. I also show it to my classes at the end of each two day session, and strongly encourage them to get it, if they want to have successful web pages.

Please let me know when your next edition comes out.

A fellow Web Friend,


Alex Vandeweyer
I say a small sample of chapter 2 in a magazine, and I could tell my girlfrind my wish for my birthday.

I'm reading and I find it the best book about HTML on the market. I read the Dutch version, it took some time before it was on the market (now for 2 weeks, my birthday was in april).

Because I am a training manager in a vocation training centre, I decided to buy a lot of copies for the training "Making your own HTML-pages for your Intranet or Internet". It is a 3 day course. We believe dat it will be a good source after the course.

Alex Vandeweyer
e-mail home office year0503@innet.be
e-mail office: avdweyer@vdab.be

Greetings from Belgium, keep writing those good books, next time I wan't wait until there is a Dutch version. I am looking for some technical information on "How make a Slip connection on an Windows NT or Novell server to a terminal (preparation of the server, not the caller". Maybe the title for the next book??

Clem Wang
I'm half way through your book and i think it's one of the best i've seen so far.

what made me pick it up: it was THIN. all the other html books are inches thick and way too wordy, so yours sticks out.

what made me buy: there was one idea per page,so it seemed pretty clear, with no-nonsense text. the clicher was the color table in the back. trying to guess colors by frobbing the numbers is tedious at best.

the picture of the church on p48 reminds of a great deal of the Cambridge Mass city hall. i wonder if they are related at all.

sincerely yours,
clem wang

Barry Wentland
I recently purchased your Book, HTML for the WWW. I'm just getting started with web publishing and I browsed several books before selecting yours - both because of the visual impact and because I looked for answers to a couple of very specific questions and found the answers immediately. Your book has been tremendously helpful. As a technical writer myself, I expecially appreciate the easy-to-follow organization and formatting. It's relatively comprehensive and precise, yet concise. Thanks for a job well done!

Barry Wentland

Barb Whiting
I have just started your HTML book, version 2 and so far I love it. It is very easy to understand and follow!

Barb Whiting

Jim Whitley
Your book is fantastic..

I have built 5 websites since April with the help of your book and last week got my first paying client...wow. Thank you so much for visually displaying the text the way you did.

You made a difference.

Jim Whitley
Cutting Edge Web Design

Andrew Wolak
My name is Andrew Wolak and I just recently bought your book HTML For The World Wide Web 2nd Edition. I would like to say great job!!! This book was exactly what I was looking for. A clean cut, very straight forward approach to HTML. I had been using a HTML editing program and found that to be to restricting so I decided to pick up a book on HTML. Being a visual learner and one who does not like to read lengthy instructions I found your book just perfect. It has really made building my WebSite more enjoyable and self-satisfying!

Yours truly,
Andrew Wolak

Efren B. Yamson
I bought and read your book entitled "HTML FOR THE WORLD WIDE WEB" 2nd edition here in the Philippines. Albeit I am not a computer programmer, I learned a lot just by reading your book. The fact is I almost finished my project for my personal webpage. I owe you one.

Thank you. God Bless.
Efren B. Yamson
Guadalupe, Cebu City 6000