These reviews are from the first edition of Publishing a Blog with Blogger: Visual Quickstart Guide. (The new edition is even better :) If you would like to review a copy of the new second edition, just drop me a line.

“We looked things up in ‘Publishing a Blog with Blogger’ by Elizabeth Castro and I still refer to it when there are things I don't understand. He would "type code" and push the keyboard towards me, "now you do it". I'm not quite as fearful of techie stuff now,” writes Carol, in planningblog.

“All you need to know to blog using Blogger,” writes Manuel J Hernandez in az eyes

This is a great book for novice bloggers as well as teachers wanting to learn blogging and looking for a book to assign to their classes... writes Denise Hill, in NewPages.com

Fast And Easy Way To Become a Blogger says Diane Cipollo for BellaOnline

This book reveals all that you may ever want to know about the art of blog. says Digital Dispatch editor

...so helpful for those of us who want to get the most out of blogging but don't quite have the HTML skills to make it happen! says Maria Flippin.