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Publishing a Blog with Blogger - Visual QuickProject Guide (cover)

I'm happy to announce that Peachpit Press has published the second edition of my book Publishing a Blog with Blogger: Visual QuickProject Guide. A blog is a clever combination of database and Web site that lets you focus on writing while a computer program, in this case Blogger, dates and archives your entries and then automatically generates a Web site that not only contains what you’ve written that day, but also contains links to all your previous entries. The blog you’ll create in this book is a simple, online journal, complete with photographs and links. Because the project covers all the basic techniques, you’ll be able to use what you learn to create all sorts of other blogs--perhaps to begin an online newspaper, showcase a frequently updated photography portfolio, or work on a team project using a blog both as a communication tool and also for archiving the team’s progress.

Why use Blogger to create your blog? Blogger is one of the most popular online blogging tools, works with any modern browser, and is free, well designed, and easy to use. The Web pages it generates follow current standards for both XHTML and CSS. And it offers beautiful, professionally-designed templates for formatting your blog. In addition, Blogger offers free blog hosting in exchange for a miniscule bit of advertising. It’s a great choice.

New topics covered in the second edition include using the new post editor, adding a jump break, adding labels in both lists and clouds, uploading images, audio, and video, adding page elements like polls, slideshows, and more, adding and setting variables, blogging with your phone, syndicating your blog, analyzing blog traffic, and finally, placing advertisements on your blog, particularly from Google. You can see the complete table of contents here.